Calah Gowdy is a 22 year old, Atlanta, GA based, photographer who shoots everything that inspires her. Her journey started with documentary style photographs, and recently she has started to add that to her body of work once again. Her main goal is to shoot artwork that’s worthy of hanging on walls – meeting as many artists and wonderful subjects along the way.

Her top 3 favorite things to do are shoot, eat, and read. If you reach out to her, she will more than likely be editing photos, eating while editing photos, and/or going between editing, eating, and reading! Her least favorite thing in the world is to go without shooting artistic work for an extensive amount of time – following behind at a close second is writing her own bio.

“The people that I have met within my journey are the reasons that I am where I am today. I believe that artists should be artists. We shouldn’t limit ourselves to one specific niche unless it’s our own choice – not because people our annoyed that we have multiple artistic outlets.. That’s the beauty of being an artist. There is no such thing as no longer being able to evolve with art, and a true artist will continue to strive, be better, and create what they love.. As artists, we create what we love and show it to the world knowing that we will get one of three results.. People will adore it, shred it to pieces, or be indifferent to our art. We put our souls into our art and give it to the world. Sometimes it’s beautiful, and sometimes it’s tragic, but I wouldn’t give up art for any reason in the world.

The day that I can no longer create is the day that my soul is fulfilled and ready to journey into the stars..” – Calah Gowdy

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